About Us

MODUS is a full service, professional creative team that organizes corporate, commercial, and cultural events independently, or on behalf of our clients.

We are experts at promotional strategy, and implement our plans with precision.

Client satisfaction is the most important factor in our corporate culture. If a client knows exactly what they want, we follow their directives. If a client has a vision of what they want to achieve, but is not quite sure how to do it, we confer, offer various options and develop a plan. When we execute the plan we keep the client appraised of our progress every step of the way.
Deadline are met and made, budgets are strictly adhered to.

We have a network throughout the region that we tap into for everything needed to put together a brilliant event.

Our clients can rest assured that we can and will do everything to impress their target markets.

MODUS was established in 2012, but our founders were independently producing events in Kosovo for a decade prior to that, and we now boast a long list of thoroughly satisfied clients.

We have recruited some of the most creative minds in Kosovo and honed them into highly competent, dedicated and enthusiastic professionals in the field.

Whether an event is corporate, cultural, or commercial, MODUS will incorporate the appropriate themes, formats, design layouts, promotional materials, merchandise and décor. In the end you and your guests will have a unique and memorable experience.

Yesterday, companies and organizations assigned responsibility for the planning of events to someone within their company or organization. Today, more and more companies and organizations are entrusting those tasks to professionals such as ourselves, and we encourage you to do the same.